Nikki A. Rae Photography


My journey to photography hasn’t been a straight line but has somehow seemed inevitable. It started a million years ago in a high school darkroom, excited to watch images come out of the wash. I’ve always had an eye for composition, an innate understanding of what looks good in an image, but it wasn’t until a trip to Africa in 2010 that I realized what I did with the camera was special and should be explored. The best advice I received was to shoot all the time - so I did. In the time since, I’ve honed my style, learned where my strengths lie - and what I need to work on. Every shoot is an education, and I’m grateful to each client for bringing something new to light.

In the words of Ansel Adams, “A true photograph need not be explained, nor can it be contained in words.” The indescribable feeling of the moment, the essence of a person, the otherwise unnoticed details – this is what I live for. I love when a client comments, “How did you even see that?!?” when reviewing our images. A look, a laugh, quiet reflection - I think life is what happens in those little moments, and that’s what I’m dedicated to capturing.

In addition to documenting lives through wedding, portrait and event photography, I am passionate about live music. You can find me happily snapping away in one of the many venues along Broadway or Colfax on any given evening. I love touring with musicians, covering recording sessions and creating album art work. Please use my contact page or email me at for any inquiries in this space!

Photo by: Mark Tepsic