Upload Requests. Please and thank you!

  • No watermarks, please. We are trying to get a consistent, clean look across our group. (We are focusing heavily on crediting images appropriately!)

  • Try to upload your best images the same night or by morning, the rest of the images within one week.

  • Don’t upload blurry, unsharp or out-of-focus images.

  • 15-25 images per act is great. Please don’t upload 200 images of the same act.

  • Avoid heavy editing (i.e. heavy vignetting, selective color, clarity slider pushed to 100+).

  • If you convert to b+w, please upload the color image as well.

  • Save high res, capped at 10M, 300ppi

  • Please follow naming conventions to ensure proper credit for the photographer, band and venue.

    • Band Photos - Day / Venue / Band / Photographer’s Instagram Handle

      •  (ex. Saturday_Hi-Dive_Residual Kid_hanswatson)

    • Sponsors - Sponsor / Day / Sponsor Name / Photographer’s Instagram Handle

      •  (ex. Sponsor_Friday_Deep Eddy_hanswatson) 

How to upload images:

  1. Click “open” in the link in the email sent to you by UMS Photos (via Google Drive)

  2. Find the folder with your name on it and click “new” on the top left to upload using Finder/Explorer or drag and drop images to the center.

  3. Once you upload, your images will appear in your folder:

  4. There are “Best of Day” Folders - drop your best images of the day here ASAP.

    1. While we know you’re going to have a ton of great images, this is where you drop the 5 truly stellar shots you got from your shift. This will be where marketing looks first for images to share quickly.